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Radiology & Imaging


Has your doctor ordered an MRI, CT, DEXA, Ultrasound or Nuclear Scan that requires preauthorization?

A few words about preauthorization:

Insurance carriers increasingly require prior authorization by their medical review departments or written referrals from your primary care physician before payment for MRI, CT scans, Densitometry, Nuclear Scans or Ultrasound studies will be approved. They will not approve payment for authorizations requested after services are provided.

Information required by your insurance company minimally includes the following. Please note: your carrier may require that some of this information come from the office of the ordering Physician:

  • Your Name
  • Your Member ID Number
  • Your Ordering Physician's Name
  • Principal Diagnosis / Signs and Symptoms
  • History of Prior Treatment
  • Secondary or Additional Insurance Coverage
  • Ordered Procedure Code
  • Scheduled Date of Service
  • Facility Where Services Will be Rendered

You must ensure that any required approvals, pre-certifications, and/or primary care physician referrals are secured prior to your service date. If these requirements are not met, the examination will not be performed unless you remit payment in full at the time of service.

Please call our department at 212.774.2561 if you require assistance with this process, or if you wish to discuss acceptable payment options.



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