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Quality and Safety

What is Quality?

What is quality in healthcare?

"HSS goes above and beyond
protocol to ensure quality care."

- Cara Harris, Pennsburg, PA
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When we talk about quality in healthcare, we are generally talking about health outcomes – how successful a procedure is and how well a patient recovers. For example, when you have an orthopedic procedure, positive outcomes include improved mobility and decreased pain. In other words, how fast and well you can get back to doing the things you like to do.


How do we measure quality?

While health outcomes can be measured in many different ways, the healthcare community, including The Joint Commission, the federal agency that accredits hospitals, agrees that the measures highlighted in this section of the website are accurate indicators of quality. Understanding quality measures will give you confidence in your healthcare choices. One way to read this information is to look at whether Special Surgery is improving over time.