Quality and Safety

Preventing Infections with Antibiotics

Preventing a surgical wound infection is very important to getting patients home as soon as possible after surgery.

Giving certain preventative antibiotics is known to prevent wound infections; medical evidence shows that antibiotics are most effective when they are given one hour prior to surgery. Hospital for Special Surgery makes an aggressive effort to comply with this best practice, and we are consistently compliant in both inpatient and outpatient surgeries.

HSS, State and National 2014 Average data collected from 4th Quarter 2013 through 3rd Quarter 2014.
HSS 2013 data collected from 1st Quarter through 4th Quarter 2013.
State and National 2013 Average data collected from 4th Quarter 2012 through 3rd Quarter 2013.
HSS, State, and National 2012 Average data collected from 1st Quarter through 4th Quarter 2012.

**Source for National and State Average data is Hospital Compare.
***Source for HSS 2012 and 2014 data is Hospital Compare. Source for HSS 2013 data is HSS internal monitoring.

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