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HSS Journal: Volume 10, Issue 2

Excerpt from the Content

We are pleased to present Issue 2 of the tenth volume of HSS Journal. A variety of multidisciplinary articles are included. Among these are two articles of special interest Goodman et al. have presented their analysis of the effect that disease-modifying drugs have on the outcomes of patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty. They hypothesize that poorly controlled synovitis before surgery may lead to poor post-op function. Adequate pre-treatment with DMARD’s may lead to better results. It seems likely that this may also pertain to osteoarthritic knees that manifest significant synovitis. One wonders if this synovitis may be a factor in those patients who have poorer functional results after their TKR.

The other article of particular interest is that by Merrill A. Ritter, MD and his colleagues. Please be sure to read the commentary of this article submitted by Thomas Sculco, MD. The results of this study suggest that although different technological designs of TKR prostheses may lead.

This article appears in HSS Journal: Volume 10, Issue 2.
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About the HSS Journal

HSS Journal, an academic peer-reviewed journal published three times a year, February, July and October. The Journal accepts and publishes peer reviewed articles from around the world that contribute to the advancement of the knowledge of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders.


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