Osteolysis and Wear: The Latest Clinical, Biological, and Biomedical Engineering Findings

Supplement to the Journal of the AAOS

A special issue of the Journal of the AAOS highlights the latest findings on the clinical, biological, and biomedical engineering aspects of wear and osteolysis.  Several of the HSS medical staff were involved in this AAOS/NIH symposium chaired by Timothy Wright, PhD, the director of biomechanics at HSS.

Some of the articles included in this supplement written by HSS staff include:

Introduction [read full text]
Stuart B. Goodman, MD, PhD and Timothy Wright, PhD 

How are wear-related problems diagnosed and what forms of surveillance are necessary? [read full text]
Henrik Malchau, MD, PhD and Hollis G. Potter, MD

What are the guidelines for the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of periprosthetic osteolysis? [read full text]
Bernard N. Stulberg, MD and Alejandro González Della Valle, MD

Clinical Issues Summary [read full text]
Thomas P. Sculco, MD, John J. Callaghan, MD and Jorge O. Galante, MD, DMSc 

What experimental approaches (eg, in vivo, in vitro, tissue retrieval) are effective in investigating the biologic effects of particles? [read full text]
Mathias Bostrom, MD and Regis O’Keefe, MD, PhD

For the full table of contents and links to all the articles, please visit: Journal of the AAOS, July 2008, Volume 16, Supplement 1.


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