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Neurophysiologic Monitoring Can Predict Iatrogenic Injury During Acetabular and Pelvic Fracture Fixation

HSS Journal: Volume 9 Issue 3


Nerve injury during acetabular and pelvic fracture fixation can have devastating consequences for trauma patients already in a compromised situation.

This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of multimodality intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring during acetabular and pelvic fracture fixation in identifying emerging iatrogenic nerve injury.

Sixty patients were retrospectively identified after surgical fixation following acetabular or pelvic fracture. Neuromonitoring during surgery was performed using three different modalities, transcranial electric motor evoked potential (tceMEP), somatosensory evoked potential (SSEP), and electromyographic (EMG) monitoring. Each modality was evaluated for sensitivity and specificity of detecting an intraoperative nerve injury.

tceMEP monitoring was found to be 100% sensitive and 86% specific at detecting an impending nerve injury. The sensitivity and specificity of SSEP were 75% and 94%, while EMG sensitivity was unacceptably low at 20% although specificity was 93%.

Multimodality neuromonitoring of transcranial electric motor and peroneal nerve somatosensory evoked potentials with or without spontaneous EMG monitoring is a safe and effective method for detecting impending nerve injury during acetabular and pelvic surgery.

This work was performed at the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University.
Level of Evidence: Level IV: Case Series. See levels of evidence for a complete description.

This article appears in HSS Journal: Volume 9 Issue 3.
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Manny Porat, MD,
Reconstructive Orthopedics, New Jersey

Fabio Orozco, MD,
Rothman Institute, New Jersey

Nitin Goyal, MD,
Anderson Orthopedic Clinic, Virginia

Zachary Post, MD,
Rothman Institute, New Jersey

Alvin Ong, MD,
Rothman Institute, New Jersey


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