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Industry Perspective on OA


The progressive degenerative changes associated with osteoarthritis (OA) can arise from age-related chronic degeneration or can be triggered by traumatic changes in the articular cartilage and/or subchondral bone. Traditionally, the orthopaedics industry has intervened in this disease progression only in the latter stages with joint replacements, but the picture has been changing over the last few years with the development of novel products and techniques.

In addition to arthroplasty, the orthopaedics industry is now considering three alternative points of intervention in the disease, namely: pain treatment; disease progression; and treatment of cartilage and osteochondral trauma, all essentially allowing for preservation of the joint. Whilst joint arthroplasty remains an extremely successful treatment option, a realistic aim of the healthcare industry must be to prevent disease progression, through early intervention allowing for a more complete return to function for patients.

This article appears in HSS Journal: Volume 8, Number 1.
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Ed. E. C. Margerrison, PhD
Orthobiologics R&D, Austin, TX


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