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Efficiency of Autologous Blood Donation in Combination with a Cell Saver in Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty

The increased blood loss and resulting need for allogenic blood has been a major concern of one-stage bilateral total knee arthroplasty (TKA). One hundred eighteen consecutive patients donating either 2 units (87 patients) or 3 units (31 patients) of autologous blood prior to one-stage bilateral TKA were retrospectively evaluated to determine: (1) how many patients received allogenic transfusion; (2) what percentage of autologous blood was wasted; and (3) whether donating 2 or 3 units of autologous blood before surgery is more cost-effective. Fifteen patients in the 2-units donation group (17.2%) and one patient in the 3-units donation group (3.2%) required allogenic blood transfusions. In the 2-units group, 37.9% of the patients wasted 21.8% of predonated autologous blood, and in the 3-units group, 64.5% of the patients wasted 32.3% of predonated autologous blood. The estimated cost for patients donating 2 or 3 units of blood was $1,814.17 and $1,996.10, respectively. Donating 2 units of autologous blood is more cost-effective; however, patients donating 3 units of blood required less allogenic blood.

This Article appears in HSS Journal: Volume 5, Number 1.
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Friedrich Boettner, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery

Peter Sculco, AB
Hospital for Special Surgery

Eric Altneu, BA
Hospital for Special Surgery

Bülent Çapar, MD
Hisar International Hospital

Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery


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