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A Commitment to the Vision of Our Journal

HSS Journal - Volume 11, Number 2, July 2015


Welcome to Volume 11 Issue 2 of the HSS Journal. The winter of 2015 will be remembered as particularly harsh with lots of cold and snow. However, the staff of the HSS Journal® was undeterred by the weather in their efforts to continue to improve the journal as an unbiased resource for clinicians committed to musculoskeletal medicine and surgery.

This article appears in the HSS Journal: Volume 11, Issue 2.
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About the HSS Journal

HSS Journal, an academic peer-reviewed journal published three times a year, February, July and October. The Journal accepts and publishes peer reviewed articles from around the world that contribute to the advancement of the knowledge of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders.


Headshot of Charles N. Cornell, MD
Charles N. Cornell, MD
Clinical Director of Orthopedic Surgery, Hospital for Special Surgery
Attending Orthopedic Surgeon, Hospital for Special Surgery

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