About the Network

From our community to yours.

Hospital for Special Surgery‚Äôs Rehabilitation Network is a community based partnership of therapy practices. With over 150 member sites throughout the tri-state area and Florida, the Network has been offering patients access to extraordinary rehabilitative care for twenty years.

Our goal is to provide patients with a resource by which they can easily and confidently find a therapy provider within their own neighborhoods. Our referral services are sought out by HSS patients and staff, affiliated institutions, and members of the general public.

We also place a high value on connecting high-quality clinicians with each other. The combined expertise of the medical and rehabilitation professionals at HSS and in our membership, along with our emphasis on world-class professional education and advanced research efforts, places our network at the highest level of excellence in rehabilitation.


Contact the Network

1.212.606.1317 or 1.800.493.0039 (toll-free, outside NYC)
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (ET)

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