Motion Analysis Lab for Professionals

Motion Analysis Lab Mission and Vision


  • To conduct high quality investigations of the origin, progression, and ensuing patient disability due to neuromusculoskeletal diagnoses
  • To improve our understanding of the nonsurgical conservative and surgical treatment outcomes of these diagnoses
  • To examine sport specific biomechanics to objectively determine injury mechanisms, improve treatment, develop strategies for prevention, and provide enhanced design of sports equipment (eg shoe gear)
  • To provide clinical motion analysis to support the treatment planning for individuals with neuromusculoskeletal diagnoses
  • To participate in regional, national, and international educational activities as well as publish our findings in peer reviewed journals to disseminate the knowledge obtained


  • To consider the relationship between the neuromusculoskeletal system structure and function when investigating the origin, diagnosis, treatment,
    and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions
  • To be the specialists in mobility assessment supporting the HSS mission, vision, and values to improve mobility and enhance the quality of life for all
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Contact Information

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510 East 73rd Street
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