Yoga Tips for the First-Timer

Yoga extended side angle pose

Yoga month is a great time to start a new yoga practice! Diana Zotos, HSS physical therapist and yoga instructor, offers these tips for the first-timer:

1.Start where you are– start with a basic level class to learn the key alignment principles for each pose. It’s important to build your practice from a strong foundation.

2.Find your pose– your pose does not need to look like the pose the teacher or the person next to you is doing – go to the level that you feel comfortable at. This will ensure optimal benefits for strength, injury prevention, and flexibility.

3.Be mindful– besides the physical aspects, yoga has wide-ranging emotional and mental benefits-focusing on the moment and the position of your body teaches the mind to be quiet and present.

Diana Zotos is a physical therapist and certified yoga instructor at Hospital for Special Surgery’s Rehabilitation Department.

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  1. I have painful scar neuromas due to breast surgery. Do you recommend surgery to fix the issue or the more conservative route of nerve blocks/cryoablation?

    1. Hi Catherine, thanks for reaching out. Hospital for Special Surgery specializes in musculoskeletal care, including orthopedics and rheumatology. It is best for you to consult with your treating physician on the best course of treatment.

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