Welcoming Dr. Albert to HSS

Dr. Todd Albert, surgeon-in-chief

HSS welcomed Todd J. Albert, M.D. as its new surgeon-in-chief and medical director on July 1. A world renowned orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Albert has dedicated his professional life to clinical excellence, research, and academic mentorship, most recently as Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics and President of The Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. We recently sat down and spoke with Dr. Albert to find out more about him and his vision for HSS.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about being an orthopedic surgeon?

A: I love taking care of people. For me, the best thing about being a doctor is interacting with people and changing their lives in a meaningful way. You can’t get a closer relationship than that. What’s specific to orthopedics that is great is we fix things, and we can measure our success almost immediately by looking at an X-ray. Of course, the ultimate proof of success is how a patient feels.

Q: How would you describe your leadership style?

A: My leadership style is open, transparent, and collaborative. I practice distributive leadership, in which I appoint the best people and let them do their jobs. At HSS, I will help make the tough decisions that will prepare the hospital to succeed in the changing healthcare environment. We need to be innovative in these solutions because going forward, physicians need to lead and step out front when healthcare decisions are made because we understand our patients needs better than anyone. I first learned to lead playing college football. Football taught me to handle adversity, to collaborate, and to elevate teammates needs above my own.

Q: What attracted you to HSS?

A: HSS is the number one orthopedic hospital in the world, and being the surgeon chief of this hospital is the number one orthopedic job in the world. I think you’d have to be crazy to say no to that opportunity and that challenge. I’m honored to accept this challenge.

Q: How important do you see academic mentorship in your role as SIC?

A: One reason I chose HSS is its focus on academics. Teaching is vital to ensure continued excellence in the practice of orthopedics, and HSS has one of the most prestigious training programs in the country. Mentorship is how physicians become great doctors. I love working with residents and fellows and watching them mature and go on to do great things. For me, helping develop people is really fun.

Q: Why is it important for physicians to conduct research?

A: I am a physician-scientist, and I fervently mentor young physicians to develop strengths in both clinical care and research. Physician-scientists are uniquely qualified to conduct research that benefits patients, because they are familiar with the real-life problems patients face. Bench-to-bedside research is an important part of the HSS culture. Research by physicians makes the hospital better, makes the physician better, and leads to better care for the patient.

Q: What is your vision for HSS?

A: HSS is already the best musculoskeletal hospital in the world. We know how to get people moving again better than anyone else. I believe I can help bring HSS to the next level, so we’re even better prepared for the challenges we’re likely to face going forward. One goal is to create care pathways for every disease process and injury within musculoskeletal medicine that everyone at HSS agrees with across subspecialties. Increased consistency in care delivery will elevate quality, improve efficiency and drive research. Another goal is to take care of patients across the entire continuum of musculoskeletal care from pre-injury through treatment, rehabilitation, and full recovery. Population health starts before patients get to the hospital and continues after discharge, when patients are back to doing whatever they need and love to do. We need to control the whole episode of care to really make sure patients lead healthy, full lives.

Q: How will you support innovation at HSS?

A: As surgeon-in-chief, one of my highest priorities is to find innovative ways to create new efficiencies that will improve the experience for patients and physicians. When efficiency improves, quality improves and everyone benefits.

Q: How do you spend your time outside of work?

A: I love all forms of exercise. I bike, I spin, I do Bikram yoga with my daughter. I love history. I am actually in a history club where we read history books. It sounds nerdy but what we do is get together and have a nice dinner and talk about books. I also love to travel. Some of my favorite places are Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania. I also love going to China. I find it a fascinating country.

Q: Are you excited to move to New York? What are you most looking forward to about living in NYC?

A: Very excited. What I love about NYC is that within minutes, you can get any single thing you need or want. I love the access. And I love the shows, Broadway, all that. I love the aspect of NYC that it’s so big that you can get anything you want, you name it.

Dr. Albert serves on the boards of several scholarly journals and is Past President of The Cervical Spine Research Society and Past Chair of the International Meeting of Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST) for the Scoliosis Research Society. He is the author of seven books, and more than 40 book chapters and 300 journal articles.

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  1. Dear Dr Albert

    I am an Orthopaedic spine surgeon from India.
    I have grown up in spine reading books and research articles written by you..Great academician,great surgeon,great leader and on top of that a great human being..I wonder how you manage time to all these things.
    One point i wanted to make
    there should be a social angle towards community not only in USA but also under developed and developing nations..Cater not only the patients but help healthcare professionals to excel in their fields so they can serve the society better.
    Also collaborate research with developing nations like India and china where there is a large patient pool with wide variety of ailments. Few conditions like tuberculosis and other infections, wide range of neglected spinal and knee deformities who present very late,etc which are less seen in high profile centers like yours can be found a good solution with your help.

    Dr Albert we look up to you..For transforming lives across globe

    1. Hi Dr. Ajay, thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your message and we’ll be sure to share this with Dr. Albert. Take care!

  2. I am very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Albert. He performed a 9.5 hour cervical surgery on me in October 2014. I was at the end of the line and had exhausted every procedure to bring relief to a very painful neck. I had surgery by a local doctor in 2010 and continued to get worse and worse. I found Dr. Albert through a contact in Charlotte and then referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Maryland who happened to be a close friend of Dr. Albert. He performed an anterior and posterior procedure. Our hope is a return to a normal life. I have been on medical leave since March of 2014. My stay at HSS after the surgery was an amazing experience. I have never been treated so well in my life. From the orderlies, to the nurses, to the doctors they were an amazing team. HSS is fortunate to have Dr. Albert lead the hospital team. He is an amazing surgeon and person. Kudos to the entire HSS team, a job well done!
    Bill Harrison
    Airmont, NY

    1. Hi Bill, thank you for sharing your story. We’re so glad to hear that you had a great experience at HSS! We will share your warm regards with Dr. Albert. If you wish to share your experiences at HSS with others seeking care, visit https://backinthegame.hss.edu/.

  3. Dr. Albert is an outstanding leader.He is my good friends. He said “I also love going to China. I find it a fascinating country.” He is wonderful mentor of many Chinese orthopedic surgeons.

    1. Hi Dennis, thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your kind words about Dr. Albert. We’ll be sure to share your warm regards with him!

  4. Do you feel that a total spinal fusion is apropriat for a eighty year old female that has developed scoliosis over the past few years if the individual has fairly severe arthritis (osteroarthritis arthritis.) IS the success rate good.? Will such surgery relieve the pain ? The procedure places the patient under anesthesia for about 8hours. How likely is it that the patients memory and mental capabilities will be compromised? Do you do such surgery? What is the success rate?

    1. Hi, thank you for reaching out. We sent your question to our Spine Care Institute and they have responded with the following: “Surgical recommendations are made on a case-by-case basis, as spine pathology varies significantly between individuals. Not all patients with scoliosis would be recommended to have a spinal fusion; however, often fusions are required to fully correct the spinal deformity. Fusions for scoliosis primarily correct the alignment, although the surgery can help with pain as well. Prior to proceeding with surgery, all patients must be cleared by an internist physician and any other specialists that the surgeon feels necessary. Therefore, the patient would not be cleared to proceed with an 8 hour surgery if the internist felt there was a risk to the patient’s memory and mental capacities. Please note, these are general answers to the questions presented. We cannot fully diagnose or treat a patient without physically examining him/her and considering that specific case.” It is best that you schedule an appointment with a physician to be examined in person. If you wish to receive care at HSS, please contact our Physician Referral Service at 877-606-1555 for further assistance.

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