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Top 10 Warm Up Tips for Athletes

Kids Playing Basketball Outside

Warming up your body is an essential part of playing every sport. Here are 10 tips from the experts at Hospital for Special Surgery to make sure you’re getting the most out of warm-ups!

  1. The start of warm-ups is the start of practice. Make sure you are on time to practice so you don’t miss the warm-up.
  2. Great athletes warm up the same way before practice and games. This allows them to stay consistent. If you are going to a college or professional sports game – try to get there an hour early to watch the players warm up!
  3. A strong warm-up will set the tone for a great practice. Stay focused and use your warm-up to prepare your mind for practice and games.
  4. Warming up will help prepare your body to perform your best – who doesn’t want to play their best?!
  5. The right warm-up exercises can be done the wrong way. Make sure you pay attention to how you are performing each exercise.
  6. A good warm-up should have 5 different parts – Movement Preparation, Core Control, Lower Extremity Alignment, Jumping/Landing, and Agility.
  7. If your teammate is performing an exercise incorrectly, help them out and offer helpful cues to correct their technique.
  8. If you aren’t sure if you are performing an exercise properly, ask your coach or pediatrician!
  9. A warm-up is not meant to be easy – don’t be afraid to get sweaty when warming up!
  10. You do not need a basketball or hoop to warm up. If the court is being used before practice, find a hallway to warm up!

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