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Tips to Prepare for Your Next Marathon

Marathon runners running

Congratulations to the winners of the 2011 City University of New York Athletic Conference/Applebee’s Outdoor Track & Field Championships! Are you running a race soon? Here are some tips from Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center team at HSS to help you prepare for your next race:

Pre-Race Prep:

  • Eat, drink and get enough sleep the day before your event.
  • The night before your event make sure you have all your race gear: spike key, extra pins, number, uniform and other essentials to avoid unnecessary stress.

Fuel Up and Fuel Right:

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Make sure you have your regular nutrition plan pack snacks: water, energy drinks, protein bars, etc. Make sure to only eat and drink things you have already tried to avoid an upset stomach.
  • If you’re doing multiple events, plan out when to eat and drink so it’s not close to your event. It’s ideal to avoid anything moving around in your stomach to prevent cramping.

Warm-Up and be Ready to Go:

  • Stick to your regular warm up plan. Trying something new could lead to unexpected aches and pains.
  • Keep warm and loose when waiting in the paddock for your race or field events.
  • Try a mental warm-up using visualization. Positive mental imagery of yourself in your event will keep you focused and motivated.

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