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Tips for Starting a Wellness Plan

Womin in aerobics class with free weights

Whether you’re a couch potato or serious competitor, there are many ways to improve your health and energy, reduce your risk of injury and achieve optimal performance. The Women’s Sports Medicine Center at HSS provides the following tips for starting a wellness plan:

  • Optimize your training regimen. Learn about cross training, using different exercise modalities, hard and easy days and, especially, recovery time.
  • Provide your body with the nutrition and fluids you need for the energy to train and compete, or just make it through a long day.
  • Learn and use mental preparation techniques such as mental imagery, goal-setting, concentration and anxiety management.
  • Increase your muscle strength, using techniques to engage your core, improve your balance and promote whole body functional strength.
  • Improve your skills through good coaching and practice.

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