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Reflecting on National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration Week

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This week is National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration Week. Personally, this week is an opportunity to reflect on my profession and what it means for me, the patients I treat, and the people I care about. In the day-to-day of a busy work week, we often don’t get the chance to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what our jobs mean to us and those we care for. It’s refreshing to have the opportunity to reflect, ponder and digest everything that my own professional experience revolves around.

As rehabilitation professionals, we see hundreds of thousands of patients a year, each offering their own unique challenges. Often our patients are experience our rehabilitation for the first time due to encountering a pressing issue or concern that was brought to them at that time of their lives. Being there for them to help and guide them through their challenges is what makes us so passionate about our work. I personally have had the pleasure of working at the hospital for the past 6 years. Over that time I’ve had the opportunity to play a role in the rehabilitation for a range of patients. One of the best feelings in the world is the satisfaction I get from successfully helping a patient regain mobility and easing their suffering. This is what National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration Week reminds us of, and this is why this week is so important for us, as rehabilitation professionals, and for all of the people we care for and might care for in the future.

Working at the Hospital for Special Surgery as a physical therapist offers an extraordinary experience to the professional and the patient alike. With our extensive network of therapists, engineers, students, volunteers, physiologists, doctors and staff, we offer a unique, comprehensive perspective on patient care and the profession we have chosen to give our lives to. It is truly an honor to celebrate National Rehabilitation Awareness Week at the Hospital for Special Surgery and a privilege to have the opportunity to invite you to celebrate rehabilitation with us.

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