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Nutrition Tip: Fueling Up for Workouts

Two women working out with dumbell weights

The exercise benefits for women are numerous. Staying active helps women keep a healthy weight, maintain strong bones and can even help with stress and mood. Most women don’t know how to fuel properly to maintain an active lifestyle. Poor nutrition can lead to low energy levels, which means your workout time will be compromised. Chronic poor nutrition can have more serious consequences, such as hormonal disruptions and implications on bone health. Therefore, active women need to pay attention to their nutrition. See below for a few tips:

1. Eating balanced meals throughout the day including some whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats can help meet your energy needs

2. Try a pre-workout snack that is high in carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, especially if you are going to head out for a workout that will be at least an hour. A good fuel choice is a banana or other fruit, or a sports bar. Just eat these pre-workout snacks about 45 minutes or more before you head out for workout to allow you some time to digest.

3. Make sure you stay hydrated while you are working out. Water is a great choice to sip on throughout your exercise, but you may want to try a sports drink if you will be active for more than an hour.

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