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Nursing- The Heart of Health Care

HSS nurses

Hospital for Special Surgery nurses are often described as being calm and diligent as they prepare patients for surgery. They are known to have great strength, emotionally and physically, as they ensure that each patient receives excellent medical care during their stay at HSS. In addition, HSS nurses are the individuals that patients look to for compassion and support while undergoing a complex medical procedure.

A few of the finest nurses at Hospital for Special Surgery defined what it means to be a nurse as being thorough, strong, and having perseverance. Most importantly, they are compassionate and kind. For that reason, Hospital for Special Surgery each year recognizes the hard work and dedication of the nurses whose efforts result in the delivery of high-quality patient care from the moment patients come through the door to the moment they complete surgery. Nursing is truly at the heart of health care offered at the hospital.

In celebration of HSS nurses and National Nurses Week 2015, 13 HSS nurses received a nursing excellence award on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, for exceptional work in improving patient care and outcomes. Nurses recognized were nominated by their peers.

When asked what she hoped to accomplish as a nurse, award recipient Elizabeth Betsy Amarille, RN, BSN, CNOR, CN III, said “During my 30 years in the nursing field, my goal has been and will remain to deliver safe patient medical care each day. It is rewarding to know that, with my help patients enter and leave the operating room safely.” Amarille received the Nursing Excellence Award for Transformational Leadership for being an exceptional leader who effectively navigates the health care environment and encourages staff to continuously strive for improved patient outcomes.

Nurse Elizabeth Amarille

Ashley Santaite, RN, BSN, was another nurse recognized on Wednesday. Like Amarille, Santaite’s goal as a nurse is to provide the best and safest care possible to her patients. She noted, “I want to push my abilities to the fullest so that I can continue to provide the best care possible to my patients, which is why I am currently going to school to become a family nurse practitioner.” Santaite received the Nursing Excellence Award for Exemplary Professional Practice for being a role model to her peers as an expert in her area of practice.

Nurse Ashley Santaite

Congratulations to the HSS nursing team, and nurses everywhere, for the great work that you do. You play an instrumental role in the health care offered to patients and, for that; we thank you for your dedicated service.

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