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Gabrielle’s Story: Walking the Road to Recovery (Part 2)

Gabrielle in New York!

In part two of this series, Gabrielle shares the importance of enjoying life to its fullest in part two of her video diary.

Time.  One word, so many meanings. We all think we have enough of it, but the truth is … we don’t.

This past week I have learned a lot about the true meaning of time and how quickly it passes.  Life is funny that way.  There are times in our lives where we wish we had the power to press the pause button, to just stop time and just let life stand still. Usually those moments are linked to either happy moments or when we know we need to say goodbye to someone we love.  Then there are those times when we wish more than ever that we could fast forward, and move on with whatever current event is happening in our lives.  Typically, those are while we are facing hardships, because let’s face it, who wants to fast forward the good times?  I can’t help but feel this past week flew by.  I couldn’t help but find myself trying to savor every single moment of every single day, knowing that it would be my last prior to my surgery.  I did things I normally didn’t do, and over did the things I typically do, all the while with the justification that this would be the last time I would be able to do it.  On Saturday morning, I woke up at 6am and went to the beach to watch the sunrise.  The next day I took up 5am boot camp classes at my local gym. I would get in two workouts a day instead of one, and go the extra half hour on the elliptical, all because I could – ?and didn’t know when I would be able to again.

I found myself not wanting to go to sleep at night, because that meant I was putting an end to a day, a day that I wished didn’t have to end.  I found myself taking advantage of life. I seized every day and all the wonderful things it offered me.  It was so empowering and I felt a sense of freedom; but I also felt a sense of sadness.  I started asking myself why hadn’t I done this earlier?  Why did I wait so long, and why was it that it took me getting this procedure to realize it?  Now, I wish I had more time to do these things, but it taught me that moving forward I had to stop waiting for the right moment and start living every day to the fullest, because the reality is, we don’t know how much time we have.  We think we are immortal, that time will wait for us, but the truth is time waits for no one.  I have been wishing these past few months away because I wanted the day of my surgery to come that I forgot that these days were gifts to me.  It wasn’t until this final week before that I realized how precious time and life was; and how we are the only ones who have the ability to make the most out of every day that is given to us.

Along with this epiphany that I had this past week, I also had to say my goodbyes at work.  That was hard.  I did some last minute shopping. I even found out that HSS has collaborated with IMG, the Sports Rehabilitative Facility in Bradenton, Florida, which lucky for me is not too far away.  I am very excited to report that I will be continuing my recovery and Physical Therapy at IMG.  I feel a sense of relief that I have everything lined up.  It has finally hit me that this is really happening, and before I know it I will be up in New York.

I would never think fourteen years ago that I would be sitting here, writing this today.  The anniversary of my accident is soon approaching, ironically enough the day before my surgery, and I can’t help but feel that this was meant to be.  Moving forward, I already know that my new journey ahead will have both good and bad days in store for me; but I vow to not waste any day that is given to me.  After all, life is about taking one step at a time…

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