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Ask the Expert: Coast to Coast (C2C) Program

HSS Coast to Coast (C2C) World Map

In this week’s installment of Ask the Expert, the HSS Coast to Coast (C2C) Program team answers your questions about receiving care at HSS from different destinations

Q1. What is the first step I can take in coming to HSS?

Matching an HSS physician to your particular condition is typically the first step. Our main HSS website has a Find a Physician link where patients can research physician specialties and subspecialties and review insurance information. If you need more assistance in narrowing the search, our Physician Referral Service (PRS) is a great resource. You can either complete an online request form, or call them at 1-877-606-1555. Once you have selected your physician(s), our C2C Team can guide you through next steps – your NYC travel arrangements and stay.

Q2. Where can I stay when I come for my appointment at HSS?

HSS has a number of Partner Hotels that offer discounts and a heightened level of care for our patients. Our full listing is available on our C2C website and includes price range, location, booking and amenity information. This listing also includes options for extended stay facilities for those who are looking to stay in NYC for one month or longer. If patients are searching for additional options, they can reach out to our C2C Team.

Q3. I have never been to New York City. What are the options for transportation?

If you plan on flying, there are multiple websites that offer discounts for various airlines. The two nearest airports to HSS are LaGuardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy (JFK). If you need specific information on airport accessibility and assistance, you can reference these links for LGA and JFK airports. If you are searching for a more affordable option, NYC Airporter shuttle (www.nycairporter.com) travels to and from LGA, JFK, and Newark Liberty (EWR) airport in New Jersey. The C2C Team can also provide you with a list of car services.

If you are driving to HSS, C2C has a list of nearby Parking Garages categorized by price and proximity to the Hospital. We also recommend using the NYC Best Parking website (nyc.bestparking.com) to find street parking availability and coupon discounts. For subway, bus, and train travel within and around NYC, the MTA website is your best resource. If you’d like to download travel apps to your mobile device and CityMapper are excellent and compatible with NYC transit.

Q4. If I have to stay overnight in the hospital, can my loved one stay with me?

In the pediatric unit (patients under the age of 18), beside each hospital bed is a sleeper chair that folds out into a twin bed for the use of one sleepover parent. Adults are assigned to semi-private rooms that can accommodate two patients. The hospital does have a 24-hour visitation policy for all inpatient rooms. However, in the inpatient semi-private rooms, guests are not permitted to stay overnight. An alternative is to request an inpatient private room, which can accommodate the patient and one overnight guest. For more information on private rooms, please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the process and pricing information. If private rooms are not an option for you, we can recommend one of our nearby Partner Hotels for your guest. We also recommend you review the policies on Visitation and Luggage before you come to HSS.

Q5. I have very limited mobility. Are there any options to help me get around NYC?

New York City is very accessible to people with limited mobility and/or disabilities. Each of the major airports has multiple accessibility options. Here are the links for each: LGA and JFK in New York City and Newark Liberty (EWR) airport in New Jersey. Also, all of the NYC buses are wheelchair accessible and the bus operators assist passengers with limited mobility. For more specific information on accessibility for the subways and trains, visit this link on the NYC MTA website: https://web.mta.info/accessibility. If you’d like to find a wheelchair accessible taxi cab, it can be done in a few different ways! You can call 311 within NYC, call 646-599-9999, text 646-400-0789, download the Wheels on Wheels (WOW) mobile app, or order the cab online at www.accessibledispatch.com.

The HSS Coast to Coast (C2C) Program team is skilled at handling the unique needs associated with being away from home. Whether you are traveling from across the country or are just a few hours drive away, the C2C Team serves as an important resource for you and your family. Their website includes many sources of information such as neighborhood guides, travel resources, NYC amenities, and patient FAQs. For more information, you can visit their website or call 212-606-1610.

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