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Activities for Couples After Joint Replacement Surgery

Senior Couple walking outside

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people you love in your life and as it quickly approaches, it’s nice to remember that you can celebrate every day of the year, not just February 14th. What better way to spend time with your loved one than by involving them in your rehabilitation following your recent joint replacement surgery?

After surgery, walking is a great way to strengthen all the muscles in your legs, in addition to having cardiovascular benefits. As you progress and your endurance improves, your walks may become longer, more frequent, and easier. When you become more comfortable, try a new place with your loved one and check out some new scenery so you can experience a new place together. This is an opportunity to have some quality time and have time to talk with your significant other.

When you are starting to feel better and want a fun way to spend time with your other half, dancing is another great activity. Dancing has such variety – there is something for everyone. You can take the more structured route with a waltz or salsa. Maybe you two like to dance to songs such as “YMCA” or the “Electric Slide”, where instructions are given. If neither of those interest you, then you can turn on some music, turn up the volume, and dance with your loved one. Dancing can help with endurance, strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Who knew you could have so much fun while recovering after a joint replacement?

Another fun activity you can do with your loved one is to take a bike ride together. A leisurely ride with partner can be relaxing and has its rehabilitation benefits. Endurance, strength, and range of motion are just a few of the advantages.

Exercising or partaking in any activity with your loved one after joint replacement surgery is a wonderful way to spend a little quality time together. Knowing that you have their support and help in your recovery will make the process that much more enjoyable. The most important thing to remember with any activity or exercise following your surgery is to make sure you are following any precautions or limitations in weight bearing your doctor may have given you.  In general, you want to keep to activities that you are familiar with and have done in the past to ensure your safety.  If you and your partner want to try something new, consult your doctor before trying it. Celebrate the ones you love everyday and make them a part of your recovery-it’s just another excuse for a little extra time together!

Katherine Wilson is a doctor of physical therapy with the Rehabilitation Department at Hospital for Special Surgery.

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