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A Father’s Response to “All in the Family: Why We Became Orthopedic Surgeons”

Dr. Amar Ranawat, Dr. Chitranjan Ranawat and Dr. Anil Ranawat

The Father’s Day message by Amar and Anil Ranawat, “All in the Family: Why We Became Orthopedic Surgeons” has touched me and may affect many other fathers and their children. The description of their upbringing they presented is accurate, appropriate and to the point.

As a father, I am very proud of all my four children for their success in life. I am especially proud of the two orthopedic associates, Amar and Anil, and their accomplishments in the short period of their professional life. Chet and Karen are investment bankers and are close to parents. My wife, Gudi, and I are very proud of the success story of our four children.

To other parents, who may have the opportunity to read this, I’d like to suggest the following:

1. The family values to children come about in abundance when the parent’s togetherness is strong. I quote “No amount of success matters if you fail at home.” (Mormons)

2. Parents should remain involved in children’s activities when they are growing up.

3. “The only rational way to educate adults is by example.” (Albert Einstein)

My personal message to all who read this is: if you succeed in life, share it, professionally and financially. So teaching philanthropy becomes a dominant theme. I wish Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.


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