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5 Tips for Keeping Your Diet on Track Over the Holiday Weekend

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Weight loss has numerous health benefits. If you have osteoarthritis, even modest weight loss can help with your symptoms. If you are planning to have surgery, weight loss prior to the operation can make your post-operative recovery much easier. As you are trying to lose weight, you may worry that a holiday weekend packed with festivities might get you off track. Dr. Caroline Andrew, medical weight management specialist at HSS, provides some tips on how to enjoy yet stay in control over the holiday:

  • Eat your vegetables, and eat them first. Fill up on vegetables first, then have protein, and always have carbohydrates (i.e., potatoes, chips, rice, pasta) last as the order of your meal. If you’re at a barbecue, have a plate of salad, or grilled vegetables, before the hamburger or hot dog and fries or chips.
  • Don’t drink your calories. Avoid all sugar sweetened beverages, including soda and juice.  If you are planning to imbibe, choose clear spirits with club soda over beer or mixed drinks that can have a lot of added sugar. Drink a glass of water between every drink containing alcohol.  In general, try to aim for 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Save up for meals, but not too much! If you know you are going to have a big dinner, try to eat a lighter breakfast and lunch that are comprised of protein and vegetables. But don’t skip any meals completely as it can lead to overeating later. For example, if you plan on indulging at a barbecue for dinner, have a Greek yogurt for breakfast, a green salad with protein and light dressing for lunch, and then let yourself enjoy the options at the barbecue at night.
  • Get moving. Go walking, biking, swimming (or any activity you enjoy) as much as possible during the weekend. Any bit of exercise counts!  If you have an injury, make sure you discuss any exercise plans with your physical therapist or physician beforehand.
  • Give into your cravings (in moderation).  Cutting out dessert and sweets completely over a holiday weekend is simply unrealistic and may lead to overeating or binging later on. If you are really craving a piece of pie, let yourself have it. Just try to stop after one slice.

Finally, try not to be too hard on yourself. If you really overeat one day, just know that you can get back on track the next. Don’t let one bad meal get you completely off track for the next few days. Let yourself enjoy food, but also give yourself the power to take control of your eating, and feel good about your weight loss efforts.

Updated on August 22, 2019

Dr. Caroline Andrew is a medical weight management specialist at HSS. She is a board certified internal medicine physician and fellowship trained in obesity medicine. Using both dietary and behavioral interventions, along with medications for weight loss, she helps patients lose weight and maintain weight loss.

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