Performance Center Services

Personal Fitness Profiles
Receive a thorough assessment of overall fitness including aerobic capacity, body composition, strength, and flexibility, which can be used to create a personalized training program.

Metabolic Testing
Get a full metabolic profile including VO2  max, Lactate, and Metabolic Efficiency testing, key information needed to develop an individualized training plan. Physiological Testing is done using a ParvoMedics True One metabolic cart, the gold standard in metabolic testing. Learn more

Sport-specific analysis
Prevent injury and enhance performance through the in-depth analysis offered in the Pitcher’s, Runner’s, and Golfer’s Performance Programs. Our experts provide comprehensive sport-specific musculoskeletal and performance assessments along with complex 2-D video analysis utilizing state-of-the-art Dartfish software.

RunFIT is a  4-week group exercise class focused on strength training and injury prevention for runners. The course covers foam rolling, dynamic warmups, running form and strength training specifically geared towards runners. With a maximum class size of four people, you get group support with individualized attention. Class runs once a week for a 4 week period.

Personal Training Sessions (Individual and Group)
Train one-on-one with an HSS Exercise Specialist to learn proper technique and progression in a training program tailored to your needs. Small group (2 to 4 people) sessions are also available in areas such as sports specific conditioning, pre-natal or post-natal training.

ACL Injury Prevention and Return to Play Programs
Learn how to minimize the risk of an ACL injury, or how to get back in the game after injury with our ACL Injury Prevention and Return to Play programs.

Therapeutic Massage
We offer a range of therapeutic massage services for a medical condition, relaxation, or stress relief, performed by licensed therapists.

Nutrition Counseling
Learn about hydration and fueling strategies, achieving your ideal body composition, and proper nutrition for optimal recovery.

M.E.L.T. (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique)
M.E.L.T. is a new self-treatment technique to restore the optimal integrity of connective tissue. Our Advanced M.E.L.T. Practitioner will teach you this simple yet effective technique for self myofascial release that can benefit your entire body.