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Twice Blessed

Zachary and Harrison are Robin Greenberg’s pride and joy. But before Zachary came along in August 1993, Robin wasn’t sure what the future would bring. She had been unable to carry her first pregnancy a year earlier to term. Seeking to find out why, Robin’s obstetrician recommended that she have a test for anticardiolipin antibody, a specific antibody implicated in certain types of miscarriages. Robin was not expected to test positive for this rare antibody, yet that is, indeed, what occurred.

She was referred to Lisa R. Sammaritano, MD, a rheumatologist at HSS who conducts anticardiolipin research. "Anticardiolipin is associated with inappropriate blood clotting," said Dr. Sammaritano. "In Robin’s case, the antibody may abnormally clot the blood in the placenta, making it difficult to carry the pregnancy."

Robin began taking baby aspirin daily to counteract the abnormal clotting and was advised that it was safe to become pregnant again, which she did in November of 1992.  She continued with baby aspirin and injections of heparin, another blood thinning medication, and was closely monitored by both her obstetrician and Dr. Sammaritano.

Nine months later, Robin gave birth to Zachary. She continued seeing Dr. Sammaritano every six months. Robin and her husband became twice blessed when she delivered their second son, Harrison, on September 16, 1996.