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Some Fine Tuning

For two years, John Quinn suffered from an undiagnosed illness which became progressively more painful and ultimately confined him to bed. The illness had affected his entire life, curtailing his social activities, suspending his participation in sports, and devastating his radio business. He had no place to turn until a close friend advised him to look into Hospital for Special Surgery. "I was put in touch with Dr. Steve Magid," said John. "And within three days he had narrowed down the diagnosis."

A rheumatologist, Dr. Magid had pulled together several pieces of a puzzle following a battery of tests and a review of John’s history to uncover the culprit—a staph infection possibly contracted during a trip John made to the Amazon prior to becoming ill. "He discovered very quickly what was wrong and, in effect, saved my life."

Following surgery to repair the damage that had been done to his spine by the infection and prolonged antibiotic therapy at home, John recovered completely. If left untreated, the infection would have cost him his life within a year.

Today John is fine tuning his life. He is back to winning tennis matches, is renovating a house in southern New Jersey, and has just sold his radio station. To a man whose life had been in jeopardy, this is music to his ears.