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Riding High

She started dancing when she was five years old and horseback riding in her teens. She had danced with several major ballet companies by the time she was 15. And by 16 years of age, Kimberley Murphy-Pils had turned professional. She was indeed riding high.

But this soon began to change. Kimberley’s right hip was slowly wearing away due to a condition known as hip dysplasia. By age 24, she could no longer ride horses and had to trade her pursuit of dance for a career in the corporate world. In fact, she could barely sit or stand without being in tremendous pain. It appeared she was headed for hip replacement surgery, not considered a viable option for someone so young and so active.

"Fortunately, Kimberley was a candidate for an osteotomy, an alternative surgery in which patients benefit from retaining their own bone and socket," says Robert L. Buly, MD, who along with David L. Helfet, MD, recreated Kimberley’s hip from her existing structures during a five and one-half hour procedure.

In eight weeks, Kimberley was back at work as a healthcare consultant and within the year was enjoying her annual horseback riding expedition to Wyoming. "The doctors told me that the surgery would give me either 30 years or life without needing a hip replacement. I liked those odds."