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Nursed Back to Health

On November 23, 1995, the Grazianos had a house full of company for Thanksgiving. But before the evening was over, 17-year-old Dana Graziano would be the victim of a terrible car accident.

Dana spent the first seven weeks in a coma. Her injuries were extensive with nearly every bone on the right side of her body shattered. Fractures of her pelvis and hip were among the most serious and only one surgeon was recommended to repair the damage - David L. Helfet, MD, at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Dana was concerned about going to a New York City hospital from her small town in New Jersey, but those anxieties were quickly put aside upon her transfer to HSS’ fourth floor.

"The nurses were so nice to me," recalled Dana. "They made me laugh. It felt good to laugh again. It made my day go by a little quicker, a little less sad."

Encouraged by a close-knit family and the support of her parents, Dana began the arduous road to recovery which would include another surgical procedure at HSS. Again, the nurses bolstered her spirit.

"They delivered much more than nursing care. They would talk with me and let me talk to them. They never seemed to be in a rush to go someplace else," said Dana. The family was unanimous in its praise: "Thank you to all the people who gave Dana some wonderful memories in the midst of a terrible ordeal. Your compassion and expert care will be remembered always."