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Both Feet on the Ground

For years, Mike Meyer has had to carry his 6’5" frame on one foot because an early bout with polio affected his other foot. As a youngster, he lived with discomfort associated with the uneven distribution of his weight. But once Mike passed age 40, problems with pain began in earnest putting his job with the Hobart Corporation in jeopardy. Mike thought that relief could only be obtained with braces until a friend recommended Hospital for Special Surgery. "When I learned that the Hospital handled difficult cases," recalled Mike, "I called its Physician Referral Service."

He was put in touch with Jonathan T. Deland, MD, Co-Director of the Foot and Ankle Service and a leader in foot and ankle research. Dr. Deland confirmed that Mike’s pain would only get worse without surgical intervention, and he would lose the ability to walk. The surgery would require Dr. Deland to realign Mike’s ankle and fuse the bones in the correct position - a difficult procedure because of the deformity in both his foot and ankle.

Dr. Deland would also need to lengthen Mike’s Achilles tendon so that his heel would be able to hit the ground. After a complex surgery, Dr. Deland’s mission was accomplished. Mike’s foot was aligned and stable for the first time in more than 40 years. He is back servicing stores throughout Suffolk, Nassau and Queens. But now he’s going the distance with both feet firmly on the ground.