Patient Stories

Back in the Saddle: Hip Resurfacing for Osteoarthritis

A polo player and the owner of the International Riding Camp, Arno Mares developed osteoarthritis in his left hip at the age of 57.  “I was limping a lot and the pain became so bad I could only get around in a golf cart and couldn’t ride my horses.”

Mr. Mares came to Hospital for Special Surgery to see Friedrich Boettner, MD, associate attending orthopedic surgeon, for help. Dr. Boettner performed a hip resurfacing procedure.  Hip resurfacing is a procedure in which the ball and socket are replaced, but the femur bone is preserved and sculpted to accept a metal cap with a shorter stem. By retaining more bone in the femur, a patient can still have a total hip replacement should it become necessary at a later date. “Hip resurfacing is an option that lets patients return to sports,” explains Dr. Boettner.

Today, at age 61, Mr. Mares says, “I am literally back in the saddle again.”