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Patient Stories

Back in Action: A Young Yoga Instructor Remains Active After a Hip Replacement

For Penny Hoff, a fitness director and yoga instructor, the decision for hip replacement surgery came when she was just 44 years old. “People told me I was too young to be limping around, crippled by osteoarthritis in my hips,” says Ms. Hoff, married over 20 years and the mother of three.

In 2005, Mark P. Figgie, MD, Chief of the Surgical Arthritis Service at Hospital for Special Surgery, replaced her right hip. “The decision on what is the best option for the patient depends on what he or she wants to do…and is willing to do,” explains Dr. Figgie. “It’s a quality of life decision.”

Given a positive experience and outcome, Mrs. Hoff did not hesitate to schedule a procedure in 2008, this time for her left hip resulting in another surgical success.  “Aftercare and pain management were great,” recalls Penny. “I actually remember waking up in the recovery room and feeling the absence of pain I had been living with for so long.”

Photo of Penny Hoff using a stability ball

Now, at age 48, Mrs. Hoff continues to work and enjoy a high level of physical activity which includes spinning, strength training, and yoga. Says Mrs. Hoff, “I have never felt better.”

Photo of Penny Hoff