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Managing Osteoarthritis and Staying Well

When you have osteoarthritis, knowing how to stay well and maintain optimal mobility is important.

Educating yourself on tips for joint health, exercise, or how to talk to your doctor are all important ways you can manage your symptoms, stay active and independent, and enjoy life. At HSS, we believe wellness incorporates both physical and mental well-being. Our specialized programs, workshops, and services are geared towards strengthening your body, educating your mind, and nurturing your spirits. A number of these programs are designed for individuals with osteoarthritis to introduce them to medical and therapeutic approaches and complementary therapies to promote wellness and long term mobility. These classes and workshops are designed to both educate you and to promote your health.

Among the workshops and classes geared toward patients with osteoarthritis are:

  • Gentle Yoga to Ease Arthritis: The slow, controlled physical movement of yoga can provide pain relief, relax stiff muscles, ease sore joints, and help build strength. The stretches and deep breathing relaxation can also provide needed range of motion exercise and improve blood circulation. This class is designed to ease participants into gentle stretches from lying, sitting, and standing positions.
  • Dance for Fitness and Fun: Studies have shown that dance maintains cardiovascular fitness, enhances emotional well-being, strengthens weight-bearing bones, and slows loss of bone mass. Learn ballroom dancing while improving strength, balance, and overall fitness with our professional dance instructor/dance therapist. The class will begin with a fun warm-up session that is done both standing and sitting. You will leave each week able to step out to a different dance including the Tango, Merengue, Rumba, and Waltz.
  • Better Balance for Older Adults: This course will consist of unique exercises selected for individuals who would like to increase their balance control and decrease the risk of falls. This program incorporates a set of slow, simple movements adapted from a variety of Eastern modalities including Yoga and T’ai Chi Chih.

To explore all the classes and workshops offered at HSS, please view our Event Calendar.