Orthopedic Trauma Service

Orthopedic Trauma Fellowship


The Orthopaedic Trauma Service (OTS) at Hospital for Special Surgery offers several ACGME accredited Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship positions. Eligible candidates must have completed an accredited orthopaedic residency program and meet the necessary requirements for obtaining a New York State medical license. The Fellowship is offered through the Fellowship Match for Orthopaedic Trauma as structured by the Orthopaedic Trauma Association.

Goals and Characteristics

The Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship facilitates development of expertise in management of orthopaedic trauma patients (especially in decision-making and the prioritization of treatment when the patient has multiple injuries). Surgical techniques, including indirect reduction and “biological” internal and external fixation, are also emphasized along with a comprehensive approach to postoperative care and rehabilitation. Special focus is placed on a team-based approach and the surgical management of patients with complex orthopaedic trauma (including polytrauma; periarticular fractures; long-bone fractures; complex articular fractures, including pelvic and acetabular fractures; the shoulder; elbow; hip; knee; ankle and foot).

The posttraumatic reconstruction of malunions, nonunions, and infections is also emphasized in addition to minimally invasive fracture surgery. Super specialized areas of interest such as pelvic osteotomies for dysplasia, the management of chronic posttraumatic pelvic pain, limb inequality, and an approach to posttraumatic deformity will also be included. The Fellow participates in teaching residents and medical students and in researching clinical and basic science projects.