Joint Replacement Service

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeons

Want the best care for your knees and hips? Put yourself in the very best hands.

Our hip and knee replacement surgeons are among the world’s very best. Each surgeon is highly specialized and have the experience to get you back to the activities you love.

Douglas E. Padgett, MDSteven B. Haas, MDMark P. Figgie, MDMathias P. Bostrom, MDMichael M. Alexiades, MDFriedrich Boettner, MDRobert L. Buly, MDCharles N. Cornell, MDMichael B. Cross, MDAlejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MDAllan E. Inglis, Jr., MDSeth A. Jerabek, MDDavid J. Mayman, MDAlexander S. McLawhorn, MD, MBAMichael L. Parks, MDPaul M. Pellicci, MDChitranjan S. Ranawat, MDAmar S. Ranawat, MDDaniel S. Rich, MDJose A. Rodriguez, MDEduardo A. Salvati, MDPeter K. Sculco, MDThomas P. Sculco, MDEdwin P. Su, MDGeoffrey H. Westrich, MDRussell E. Windsor, MD, PC