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Young Boy has Revolutionary Operation

Univision 41 News—April 1, 2011

"Las oraciones de una familia hispana fueron escuchadas cuando su hijo recibió implantes en los pies que le darán la oportunidad de caminar."

Translation: The prayers of a Latino family were answered when their child received special implants in his legs that enabled him to walk for the first time.

An innovative procedure performed by HSS pediatric orthopedic surgeon Daniel Green enabled a young child to walk after other doctors said there was no hope. Little Ismael Vega was born with a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, which caused his bones to be brittle and weak. Patricia and Francisco Vega told Univision News that before their son's first surgery at age three, they carried him around or wheeled him in a stroller.

Each time little Ismael tried to stand, he would break a bone in one of his legs. Several doctors said the child would never walk, but then the Vegas found out about Dr. Green at Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Green performed an innovative operation using telescoping rods to straighten the child's bones and make them stronger. The rods would extend, in essence growing along with Ismael. He took his first steps after the surgery.

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