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So you ran the NYC Half Marathon, woke up with screaming muscles & need to stretch it out: Here's a yoga routine for you

Stretch exercises should be a runner's best friend, so why do we so often give them the cold shoulder?

NYDailyNews.com—New York—March 19, 2012

Admittedly, it can be tough to find time and space to stretch in the chaotic aftermath of a crowded race like the New York Road Runners NYC Half Marathon - a meet that packed a field of more than 15,000 runners on Sunday. People are walking every which way to meet friends and families, pick up baggage and then there are the barf puddles and gatorage spillages dotting the ground and deterring sit-down stretches.

Not to fear - you still have time and you'll need some easy stretches more than ever in the days after a race.

I met up with runner/yogi/physical therapist Diana Zotos at Hospital for Special Surgery a few days before the race and she demonstrated a yoga stretching sequence she has tailored especially for runners.

It's quick and easy to follow, the poses flow together, so no excuses now. Ready, set, STRETCH! You will go through the exercises using one leg, and then the other.

For more information on the poses and photos, see the full story at NYDailyNews.com.


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