Facial Wrinkles Linked to Lower Bone Density

Study suggests loss of collagen in early menopause may weaken skin and bones

WebMD—June 7, 2011

Women with deeply furrowed brows in early menopause may also have troubled bones, an early report of a new study shows.

Researchers measured the number and depth of facial wrinkles and the skin firmness of 114 women who were within three years of their last menstrual period.

Other experts say that while it was a new idea to connect wrinkles and bone health, the finding was worth further investigation.

"I think it's interesting, actually," says Linda A. Russell, MD, a bone health specialist in the department of rheumatology at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

"We don't do a good job in screening everybody for osteoporosis because you have to get a test called the bone density scan. If we had a cheaper, easier way to at least screen people who should get the bone density, that would be great," Russell says. "If someone walked into your office and they had lots of wrinkles you'd say 'Aha! That's a great person for me to target to get the bone density.'"

Read the full story at webmd.com.


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