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World traveler resumes active lifestyle after partial knee replacement surgery

News-Medical—December 2, 2016

News-Medical writes that David Morris, PhD, a forensic psychologist, experienced unrelenting knee pain and arthritis that threatened his active lifestyle. In his career, Dr. Morris designs personnel testing and other selection systems so that private companies, public agencies and governments can find the best employees. 

"I know in my field it's all about experience and I learned that's how it is in orthopedic surgery too," said Dr. Morris. 

Dr. Morris found HSS and specifically Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD, hip and knee surgeon, who determined that he was a candidate for a partial knee replacement.

"Patients who qualify generally experience less pain right after surgery and have a quicker recovery and rehabilitation," said Dr. Westrich. "Yet the procedure completely relieves arthritis pain and allows patients to return to activities they were forced to give up."

Now less than 6 months after surgery, Dr. Morris, who is 71, says he has no intention of slowing down. "My travels are kicked back into high gear again."

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