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Wish-Worthy CS Design Takes Careful Planning

Healthcare Purchasing News—August 1, 2007

For many Central Service professionals, having a well-functioning, streamlined and efficient department is more of a dream than reality.

If the CS department—which should ideally run like a well-oiled machine—isn’t able to perform optimally because of poor design elements and misuse of space, then how can healthcare organizations expect CS staff to process instruments safely, effectively and efficiently?

"The Sterile Processing Department is a major contributor to patient and surgeon satisfaction. To work efficiently and effectively, adequate space, efficient planning and proper processing equipment is needed," noted Nancy Chobin, RN, CSPDM, sterile processing educator.

In May, Don Gordon assumed the Sterile Processing Department manager position at New York City’s prestigious—and ultra-busy—Hospital for Special Surgery. His new department, which processes a whopping 400 to 500 trays a day, is awe-inspiring. "We have one of the largest decontamination areas in any hospital I’ve ever seen," said Gordon. Another perk? The department has its own dedicated elevators [used for SPD purposes].

Read the full article and view a picture of the new Central Sterile Processing unit at Hospital for Special Surgery at HPNOnline.com.


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