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What To Do If Your Child Suffers An Orthopedic Injury While Playing Sports

White Plains Daily Voice—November 27, 2017

White Plains Daily Voice featured a bylined article by Warren K. Young, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS Westchester, on what to do if your child suffers a sports-related injury.

"Prior to the season, talk with the coach or athletic director of your child’s school or sports team about protocol if an athlete is injured in practice or during a game," noted Dr. Young.

He advised that your child should be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible if there is significant swelling, bruising, visible deformity or inability to use the joint normally.

"Keep in mind that the types of injuries kids get are often different than adults, and seemingly simple sprains may actually be fractures," Dr. Young wrote.

Read the full article at whiteplains.dailyvoice.com


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