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What’s Best for Neck and Back Pain

Consumer Reports—December 29, 2016

Consumer Reports looks at mattress strategies to ease your body aches. According to their 2016 survey, people with arthritis, back pain and neck pain were happiest when they slept on an ajustable air mattress.

According to Joel M. Press, MD, physiatrist-in-chief at HSS, the preference may be because people in pain benefit from being able to adjust a mattress to match the level and type of pain they are experiencing on any given night.

Dr. Press generally recommends opting for a firmer mattress, which will give you instant feedback on where your pain points are so you can make adjustments. A firm mattress also helps keep your body aligned. "You wouldn't walk around all day with your neck at a 45-degree angle," Dr. Press said.

Read the full article at ConsumerReports.org.
This will also appear in the February 2017 print issue.


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