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What Do Top Fitness Trainers Eat and Never Eat?

Youth Health—February 16, 2015

Staying fit entails making the right choices. If you ever wonder how these professional trainers keep themselves ripped and in shape, then they now revealed their secrets. Exercising is not enough to have a healthy body, being able to make the right choices in terms of the food you eat play a major role in one's health.

Dr. Jordan Metzl, NYC-based, 12-time Ironman, creator of the IronStrength workout, author of The Exercise Cure and The Athletes Book of Home Remedies, and sports medicine physician at NYC's Hospital for Special Surgery, said  that working out is always needed to keep his body in good shape. He also said that juice cleanses is not his thing because he loved food too much to juice cleanse.

Furthermore, he advises not to sleep late because he said that he sleeps well that is why he doesn't crave for anything unhealthy to eat. Also, he said he never eats fried chicken.

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