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Weight Loss Trends in 2015

Inquisitr—February 16, 2015

Did you resolve to achieve your weight loss goals in 2015, but can’t seem to find the right diet? When it comes to taking off the pounds, it’s the post-New-Year Resolutions time of year when the experts are sharing what they feel works, including their own diet plans, reports Yahoo Health. From Beyonce’s vegan diet to Bob Harper’s Paleo-style approach to a three-day detox designed to help you lose up to five pounds, get the skinny below.

12-time Ironman Dr. Jordan Metzl, who is a sports medicine physician at NYC’s Hospital for Special Surgery, avoids unhealthy food choices completely. And he also doesn’t recommend those popular cleanses.

“I follow three rules: If it’s not good for you, don’t keep it around. I sleep well so that I don’t crave unhealthy food. And when all else fails, I tell my friends and colleagues to punch me if they see me eating anything unhealthy.”

But he also agrees that moderation is an essential component to weight loss success that’s permanent.

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