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Hospital for Special Surgery helps runner get back on her feet

WABC—November 5, 2017

As part of its coverage of 2017 TCS New York City Marathon, WABC featured Jhenelle Andrade McLeary, a patient of HSS physiatrist Jonathan S. Kirschner, MD, RMSK.

An avid runner, Jhenelle experienced debilitating back pain while training for the marathon and visited Dr. Kirschner.

"Jhenelle has a common issue called the lower cross syndrome. She had an increased curve in her low back which is called the lordosis, and she had very tight hip flexors so it caused her pelvis to be tilted forward," explained Dr. Kirschner.

In the segment, Dr. Kirschner prescribed a specific exercise regime with the goal of strengthening the abdomen and glute muscles to flatten the curve in her back. Within a month, Jhenelle said she felt back to normal.

Watch the full segment at ABC7NY.com. The story aired during the November 5, 2017 broadcast.


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