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Uncertainty and Chronic Illness/The Rules of Love and Grammar

Voice America—June 5, 2017

The Patricia Raskin Show, a radio program on Voice America, interviewed HSS rheumatologist Michael D. Lockshin, MD on chronic illness and his new book, The Prince at the Ruined Tower: Time, Uncertainty & Chronic Illness.

When discussing chronic illness, Dr. Lockshin said "I often deal with very young people, late teens and early 20s, in the types of illnesses that I deal with. I have to think about what they're going to be like at 40 and 60, even though they're only 18 or 19 right now. What I'm thinking about is not only what the disease will do, but what the medications are going to do."

Dr. Lockshin said "the most important message is to have an open conversation about what is known and what is not known" between doctor and patient.

Listen to the full interview at voiceamerica.com




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