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HealthWatch: Vitamin D Deficiency

WCBS-TV—August 3, 2009

Two new studies show millions of children across the U.S. have low levels of Vitamin D. That means those kids are at higher risk of developing heart and bone problems. The advice from experts: step away from the computer and get out in the sun.

Stephanie Mitzner just found out she'll miss the start of cross country season. "In terms of running, I just don't think it's safe, especially cross country. The terrain is too variable," her doctor said.

The 17-year old runner has three stress fractures, and her doctors say she's not getting enough Vitamin D.

"Some of the Vitamin D-deficient children may take longer to heal their fractures or may re-fracture and have other fractures down the road," said Dr. Shevaun Doyle of Hospital for Special Surgery.

Stephanie is one of millions of youngsters who have this problem. In fact, seven in 10 American kids don't have enough Vitamin D.

Weakened bones is just one of the effects.

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