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Virgin Islands Daily News—December 16, 2009

By Rabbi Arthur F. Starr

On the second day of what was supposed to be a 30-day cruise to Australia, I tripped going down a few steps and landed hard on my bent knee. The ship's doctor came to see me and, after X-rays, concluded that the tendon connecting the patella (knee) to the quadriceps muscle was torn and need to be surgically repaired. He would put my leg in an immobilizing cast but I was to be taken off the ship by ambulance at our first port of call, Hilo, Hawaii, and taken to surgery, though he was sure they were not prepared to do that kind of surgery in Hilo, Hawaii.

The doctor and I both agreed that the best place for this kind of surgery was The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. I was glad that I had listened to everyone when I came to St. Thomas and, for the last seven years, had purchased insurance through Medical Air Services Association.


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