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Knicks and Hospital for Special Surgery are looking for fans willing to 'Train Like a Knick.'

New York Daily News—March 5, 2012

The resurgent team and it’s medical provider, Hospital for Special Surgery, have launched the “Train Like A Knick,” contest to encourage and help fans to get in shape and stay there.

Would-be contestants must submit a video of themselves performing a fitness routine similar to one the Knicks use or might use - for instance, wind sprints, ball handling or shooting drills, stretches or strength training.

Several sample videos — hosted by Madison Square Garden announcer Scott Lasky and featuring former Knick players Charles Smith, John Starks and John Wallace — can be viewed on Hospital for Special Surgery website, www.hss.edu.

HSS physical therapists Theresa Chiaia and Pete Draovitch and exercise therapist Polly de Mille worked with the former Knicks to filming the sample exercises, which, Chiaia explains, though fundamental to the game, often have more going on than meets the eye.

“We chose exercises we thought would tie basketball players and fans together in their workouts,” Chiaia said. “We wanted the fans to realize the muscle groups we use in daily life are the same muscles players use in basketball.

Contestants must be at least 16 years old and live within 75 miles of Madison Square Garden. Videos must be no longer than a minute long, and must be submitted at the HSS Facebook page by March 15.

Contestants also have to “like” the HSS Facebook page to submit an entry.

HSS and the Knicks will select five winners, with fans nationally selecting the three favorite entries.

Each of the three winners can bring up to four friends to a “Train Like a Knick” work out session, with the top winner also receiving a VIP Knicks package.

For more information see the website, www.facebook.com/hspecialsurgery or www.hss.edu.

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