The US Remains the Most- Traveled Destination for Complex Medical Care—March 26, 2015

While twenty-first-century medical tourism has focused on relief for high healthcare costs, huge numbers of patients who can afford it still journey to the US for treatment. Last year, about one million patients from all over the globe (mainly the Middle East, the Caribbean, Latin America, Russia, and, more recently, China) visited leading US hospitals for second opinions and for treatment of complex conditions.

All leading international US healthcare facilities are accredited. Top hospitals include: Hospital for Special Surgery (for orthopedics).

Because of its reputation for having some of the world’s best medical research and diagnostics, the US is also center for second opinions. A number of international hospitals serving the cross-border patient now offer e-consultations, often deploying sophisticated equipment that can accurately diagnose a wide range of conditions via telephone, web, and mobile devices. Although healthcare in the US is expensive—many say unreasonably and unjustly so—the expertise offered by American doctors and surgeons remains the envy of the world.

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